Automatic insider
lists to help you
save time and ensure compliance

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Developed by lawyers responsible for MAR at publicly listed companies


Automate time-consuming manual tasks

  • No more manual emails to request confirmation and personal information from insiders
  • Forget about those constant reminder emails when insiders don’t respond
  • No need to manually update Excel files. Insiders enter their data themselves.
  • Every little change is automatically tracked with its own timestamp

Cut your admin down to three simple steps

Instead of endless manual tasks, you’ll only need to do these three things. The software takes care of the rest.


Step #1: Document the delay
of disclosure


Step #2: Enter the email addresses
of insiders


Step #3: Close the list when

Trusted by 450+ listed companies, banks and law firms

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Every requirement of MAR automatically taken care of


Document a delay of disclosure

Document your assessment of the decision to delay disclosure in case the authorities need to see it.


Remind insiders to complete their data

To show you’ve “taken all reasonable steps”, insiders receive automatic reminders to complete their data.


Track changes & register time stamps

Automatically track changes like an audit trail and register the exact time of every update.


Notify insiders automatically

Inform every insider of their obligations under MAR with an automatic email.


Save confirmations separately

Confirmations from insiders are saved with the insider list, instead of in your inbox.


Notify the authorities

An automatic email to the financial authorities with the necessary info when a list closes.


So secure even we can’t access your data

All your data is stored in your private cloud with Amazon Web Services (ISO 27001 certified). Everything is hosted on your side, so no one, incluidng us, will ever have access to your sensitive data.

Other features that will help you save time and remain compliant

✓   Password-protected insider lists

✓   Permanent insider lists

✓   GDPR compliant

✓   Editable email templates

✓   PDMR and closely associated persons

✓   Time stamps in UTC

Discover how to automate your insider list management

Satisfying all the requirements of MAR is a tedious and time-consuming job. And being completely compliant is almost impossible to do without an automated solution.

So if you’d like to discover how InsiderLog can make things easier for you, just fill out the form on the right.

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