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Checklist for Implementing a Successful Whistle blowing Program


Watch this insightful webinar with an exciting panel of experts from Allen & Overy Brussels and Euronext Corporate Services to learn more about the topics related to the Directive application for Belgian companies and institutions.

As a result of the current measurements, issuers face challenges regarding the EU Whistleblowing Directive, as the new rules will be applied in all sectors, with a focus on the financial sector.

Although Belgium has not implemented the Directive yet, you can already start preparing for its implementation in Belgian law.

During this webinar, we will summarise the main points of the Whistleblowing Directive for Belgian legal entities operating in the private & public sector, subject to the final legislation transposing the Whistleblowing Directive into Belgian law.

Watch the webinar by clicking on ‘Start now’.

Topics covered in webinar

The practical considerations for a successful strategy of Whistle blowing

The impact on internal investigations and data protection aspects

The emplovee information process, documentation and rollout

The key aspects of the Directive

Q&A session


About IntegrityLog

IntegrityLog automates your reporting process and ensures you comply with all the requirements of the Whistleblowing Directive and of GDPR. It is tailored to the exact needs of your organisation and enables you to

  • Keep track of every case
  • Receive notifications about new reports
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