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In a Global ESG Strategy, Don’t Forget the S!

11:00 - 12:00 (CET)
Tuesday, 5 September 2023

As sustainability becomes an integral part of corporate decision-making, it's imperative to not overlook the "S" in ESG.  The social pillar of ESG encompasses a range of factors, including human rights, human capital and supply chain management or community relations. In order to measure these factors ESG rating agencies have defined several KPIs (e.g., number of reported rights violations or number of terminated suppliers due to non-compliance).

Whistleblowing serves as a powerful tool that connects these social aspects with ESG initiatives. By providing a mechanism for individuals to report unethical or illegal practices, whistleblowing encourages accountability and promotes responsible corporate behavior. It enables companies to foster a culture of transparency, integrity, and social responsibility that aligns with the broader goals of ESG strategies.

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Our panelists

Axel Pierron

Axel Pierron

Director Client Relations, Sustainalytics

Thomas Amico

Thomas Amico

Partner Lawyer, DELSOL Avocats

Nicolas Meunier 5 2

Nicolas Meunier

Head of Advisory and IR Solutions, Euronext Corporate Services

Topics covered in webinar

Welcome and introduction

Assessment criteria used in practice to evaluate the social pillar

Incorporating social responsibility into company`s goals



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