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Expertly automate your insider list management.

  • Automate the administration of insider information tasks
  • Store insider lists automatically in ESMA-format, ensuring compliance with GDPR and MAR
  • Ensure ongoing compliance thanks to regular, automatic version updates



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Under the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) issuers and advisors face strict requirements when handling inside information and maintaining insider lists. Manual compliance is time-consuming and comes with great risk. Insider list management software removes the burden of manual administration and mitigates the risk of hefty fines and reputational damage.

Insider list management software with all the features needed for seamless MAR compliance.

Insider & confidential lists

InsiderLog is insider list management software that streamlines the opening of event-based lists, as well as documenting delayed disclosure of inside information in MAR-compliant formats. It also enables you to document the transactions of PDMRs and Persons Closely Associated (PCAs), with the option to export reports on their holdings and dealings in line with IAS24 requirements.

Insider list management software
Insider list management software

Data gathering & notifications

InsiderLog automatically informs insiders of their obligations and alerts PDMRs at the start of a closed period. The platform reminds them to fill out their data and confirm participation, saving their responses separately for compliance. As soon as a list is closed, insiders are notified that the information has ceased to be inside information.

Versioning & audit trail

The platform keeps track of the changes you make to your insider lists and automatically saves each new version. At the click of a button, you can access a complete audit trail or send a notification to your local regulator, ensuring you are always prepared for an inspection by the authorities.

Insider list management software

"When integrating InsiderLog into our operations following our IPO, managing insider lists has been incredibly easy. The platform’s automated notifications and reporting capabilities ensure that we remain in full compliance with MAR. It has truly become essential for our regulatory processes, and we highly recommend it to any company looking to streamline their insider list management."

- Gerrit De Vos, Group General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Azelis Group (EBR: AZE)

Future-proof your process

  • Automated reminders with editable email templates
  • Flexible, customisable forms to gather insider data
  • Granular user management system
  • UTC timestamps applied automatically
  • Market sounding add-on module available

MAR compliance made user-friendly

  • Base License

    • Onboarding
    • PDMR list
    • 2 admins included
    • Support during office hours
    • Unlimited sensitive lists
    • Event-based insider lists